About Us

Mother and Unborn Baby Care in Southfield, MI is a 501(c)3 Christ-centered nonprofit organization serving the community since 1984. 

We offer assistance to women who, because of the difficult obstacles they face, are deciding whether to continue their pregnancies. Each year, hundreds of women come to us in search of alternatives to abortion or when they see no other option. Our free services are informative and honest, without pressure or judgment, and sensitive to the woman’s emotional and material needs; they include significant material support; and referrals for other needs such as medical care, housing or professional adoption services. 

We offer meaningful, life-affirming options to each woman who walks through our doors.  We serve woman of all races and religious backgrounds, most residing in Oakland or Wayne county. Through the true compassion and care our clients find here, many women decide to continue their pregnancies. And, if desired, we accompany the woman with additional support for up to two years following her baby’s birth.

We are committed to serving our clients with signifcant assistance to offer encouragement and hope.

MAUBC receives no government funding. Your tax-deductible donation will make a difference in saving lives. Learn how you can get involved in our mission.  

Our History

MAUBC was founded by Mike and Peggy O’Dea in 1984. At the time, the O’Deas were raising their seven children, yet felt called to do more. Pregnant young women seemed to rain around them. 

One day, their family was driving in a slippery rain when the car ahead of them spun out and crashed. Mike stopped his car, and the whole family ran to the accident site. A pregnant woman was lying in the road with no signs of life. Mike began CPR and when the police arrived, they told him to stop, the woman was dead. Mike’s family cried out, “Don’t stop, Dad, keep going!” And so he continued and the woman revived, and her baby also survived. 

The O’Deas also encountered homeless pregnant girls and took them into their home and family.

Eventually, needing more space, they founded Mother and Unborn Baby Care to help pregnant girls. And later, they founded a home where homeless pregnant women could live at no charge for many months following their children’s birth.

Today, the MAUBC organization, through the community’s support, brings help and hope to the women who come through our doors.

Our staff and volunteers begin the day with prayer and thanksgiving for our clients and their families, our staff and volunteers, and our supporters.

Our Patroness

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mother and Unborn Baby Care invokes the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is only in this apparition that our Lady appears as pregnant. She wears a maternity band around her waist, and her head is bowed in homage to her Son whom she carries in her womb. She carries Life itself. 

We pray that Our Lady of Guadalupe will intercede on behalf of the expectant parents who come to us in fear, for the unborn children whose lives hang in the balance, and for our staff members and volunteers who extend hope and compassion. May her loving presence draw all closer to her Son and to honoring God-given life.