A Change of Heart

When a teen called to tell us that she had an abortion scheduled for the following day, we knew that we had to get her in for an ultrasound. Maria* was determined to have an abortion for fear of telling her parents that she was pregnant, and she was worried about how this pregnancy could impact the rest of her life. 

Because she was a minor, the state of Michigan required her to get parental consent from one of her parents. Instead, she obtained a judicial bypass in order to have the abortion without parental consent. When she came to our center, she was anxious and overwhelmed by the prospect of being a teen mom. Yet, when she and her boyfriend saw their 12-week-old unborn baby waving at them from the ultrasound screen, they couldn’t believe their eyes! 

Through God’s grace, they gained the strength to continue the pregnancy – and tell their parents. In addition to the great deal of support they received here through your generosity, they were surprised to receive support from their family in caring for their baby. They are now confident and loving parents of beautiful baby girl, Lila*. We are so thankful that they came to us in their time of need.

*Names changed for confidentiality

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