A Place for Healing

When a woman comes in determined to have an abortion, do our best to educate, empower and encourage her to choose life for her baby. Unfortunately, fear can be powerful, making women feel they have no choice but to abort, despite the manifold resources offered. Angela* came to us for ultrasounds and counseling, but at her last appointment, told us she had decided to terminate her pregnancy. We told her we would still be there for her if she suffered from that choice. 

Depressed and regretting the abortion, she called us one week later. Open to Christ’s love, Angela came in weekly to talk with one of our volunteers who is experienced in post-abortive grief peer counseling. Once she felt ready for a healing ceremony, with staff and volunteers gathered around her in our chapel, Angela read the touching letter she wrote to her unborn child. Through the tears streaming down her face, she shared how much she loves her lost child and longs to be together in heaven one day. She also gave the baby an African name which means “consoler in times of trouble.” Finally, she signed a “Certificate of Life” recognizing her child’s time on earth, though brief. 

As the ceremony came to a close, Angela told us that, because of the hurt she experienced from abortion and the healing she received, she wants to share her story with other women who are post-abortive or considering abortion. Although, as she said, a part of her “will always be missing,” we know that through God’s mercy, she will be able to help others who are suffering. 

*Name changed for confidentiality

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