Twice the Blessings

On a typical afternoon at our Problem Pregnancy Center, coloring books were sprawled across the waiting room floor as our counselors stepped over Lego blocks and crackers to make their way to the counseling room. Natatia* came for an appointment and brought four of her kids along. While they played, she sat across from a peer counselor learning about the different abortion procedures and the risks of aborting her unborn child. 

She had experienced an abortion when she was 16 years old and was now contemplating having a second one. Her mom had forced her to have the first abortion, but this time, she was feeling like abortion was the best solution to her problem. She had six kids under the age of 13 and was being pulled in so many directions. 

Natatia had minimal family support, and her finances were stretched. The ultrasound tech began the scan anticipating the gestational sac that we typically see. However, there were two sacs on the screen – her 7-week-old twins! She exclaimed, “I can’t abort two babies!” Suddenly, the thought of aborting twins made her understand the humanity and value of her unborn children. This is just one of many stories that reveal God’s faithfulness to us. Through Him all things are possible.

*Name changed for confidentiality

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